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SUNNY PEAK, based in Paris, France, is the studio created by the developers of the student game Symphonia.

As students, we built Symphonia with passion, dedication, and set the basis for the creation of a musical universe full of wonders.
As professionals, we’re looking to expand Symphonia even further, to surprise you, and make you dream.

Our goals at SUNNY PEAK for 2021 are the following: 

  • Find business partners and funding opportunities to start developing a full-fledged Symphonia
  • Release the student game Symphonia on Nintendo Switch
  • Release the student game Symphonia on PC for Steam and other stores

Guillaume Roux


Simon Larguier

Game & Level Designer

Martin Leprêtre

Game & Level Designer

Corentin Pauvrasseau

Game & Level Designer

Nicolas Derio

2D Game Artist & Illustrator

Guillaume Gille

2D Game Artist & Animator

Alexis Grand

2D Game Artist

Pierre Vrel

2D Game Artist & 3D Modeler

Kilian Dufour

Game Programmer

Alexandre Mansois

Game Programmer

Quentin Vernet

Game Programmer

Hicham Benrhannou

Game Programmer & Sound Integrator

Olivier Esman

Music Composer & Sound Designer



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