Embody a violinist and awake a gigantic, forsaken world in this highly poetic platformer! Using your violin and bow, move towards the core of the realm to understand your role in this universe and play the best Concerto!

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An award-winning French student game

Both a musical experience and a tight 2D platformer


Master the violin to progress in the game

Developed for the Nintendo Switch & PC


Embody a graceful and agile violinist

Take control of Philemon, a fragile yet charismatic bird-like figure, and a true violin virtuoso, in a journey to awake the realm of Symphonia.


The violin bow is your means of transport

Move swiftly through the realm, using your violin bow to stick and boost from upholstered walls and bounce on hard ground.


Play music to give life to the world

Play the violin to activate ancient mechanisms, to bring life to the scenery, and ultimately to awake the slumbering core of Symphonia.


A rich and breathtaking universe

Symphonia is a gigantic realm, composed of diverse areas fully incorporating musical objects and instruments into their architecture.


A coherent and gorgeous art direction

The world of Symphonia is hand-drawn and traditionally animated. Our music and sound design is tighty linked to the gameplay, evolving with the awakening of Symphonia.

The Studio

Sunny Peak, based in Paris, France, is the studio created by the developers of the student game Symphonia.

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